“Offering Quality, Versatility and Value since 1992.”


All of our tables and wooden items are solid hard wood construction built to last for generations.


Our tables are true multi-use featuring an easy to clean solid white melamine top. Holes in framing to allow for exclusive activities. 24″ leg set is also available.


Tables are 19 inches tall, ideal for toddlers and children. Height of raised border keeps small manipulatives on the table top, low enough to do puzzles and other activities.


It’s a fun American success story to tell. I am happy to share with you my personal experience with this company so that it may encourage you to “go for it” . . . both by making your own dream come true and by going out and purchasing a Nilo® brand table and/or product!

As many companies are . . . it all started out of my garage in 1992. My wife and I didn’t find a suitable multi-use table for our two children, 2 and 4 years of age. So the wife says, “why don’t you make us a table, honey?” I did. As per my wife’s instructions, I increased its size to fit the Lego/Duplo® base plates. Then, holes around the border of the table were added to accommodate Brio-Mec®, a fun construction toy at the time. Bingo, the Nilo® table was born. Shortly after its arrival, our friends started flocking over to our house to see this “table” in action. They couldn’t believe it. . . our kids and theirs were playing quietly around this multi-functional table. They watched as the children played in total peace and how our house stayed in order. WOW!

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We thought we would post photos, videos we’ve received from our customers so that you can enjoy them. We also posted some of our own photos. You are welcome to email us your photos/vids if you wish and we will add them here for others to see. Please send nice resolution photos so they will appear large here! What’s great about this is you will see the different product, finishes in different settings to help you decide on your purchase. We have enjoyed our 25 years of being in business, forming our Nilo community. It would be great if you JUMP IN and make it more fun, homey! In advance, thank you for sharing, we all appreciate it very much!

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